Walleye image
(Sander vitreus)

Walleye have one of the most dedicated angler followings in the state because they can be a challenge to catch and they are one of the best eating freshwater fish anywhere. They are a member of the perch family, and so they are closely related to yellow perch. Their most distinguishing features are: two separate dorsal fins with a dark spot near the base of the spiny first dorsal. They also have prominent canine teeth and the lower lobe of the tail fin has a white margin. Walleye also do not have the dark vertical bars on a yellow-golden background on their sides that are features of yellow perch.

Information & Facts
Common Names - Yellow Walleye, Walleyed Pike
Size Range - Average 16-25 inches (2-12 lbs.). Walleye can grow to 20-30 inches (5-15 lbs.) in quality populations.
State Record - 19.3 lbs; Mike Hepper; Columbia River, Walla Walla area; February 5, 2007